Why Should you Choose an Modern Electric Fireplace?

electric fireplace

If you live in an apartment or house and dream of sitting by the fire, there might be an ideal solution for you: Modern Electric Fireplace. Our website will supply you with all the updates and information you need to know about modern electric fireplace.

Modern Electric Fireplace Installation

This new electric fireplace heater is easy to install. Installation is literally as easy as solving 1+1. All you have to do is buy it, plug it in and you are good to go because the only requirement for it to operate is electricity.

They Are Economical

  1. You can put it on “flame only” and enjoy the glow of the fire. Some electric fireplace heaters will include colored flames. For example your flame color will be red, blue or pink. The flame with no heat option will cost you about 3 cents per hour. So you can enjoy the fire with no heater at any season at minimum cost.
  2. You can use the heater when you get cold. This option will cost you about 7 cents per hour.

So you can see how you can operate it for just pennies a day. By the way you save your money and you help our planet by using environmentally friendly electric power. Also you save a lot of trees that took years to grow, as well as you save your time. Before you had to go to the store and buy wood or coal for your fireplace. With an electric fireplace heater, all you have to do is just flip the switch on and you are all set.

They are safe

modern electric fireplace

Most of electric fireplaces don’t have hot surfaces and they are extremely safe around children, seniors and pets. So if you have a small child, you don’t have to be afraid that your kid might get burned. Also they are much safer because there is no burning embers jumping out. A lot of homes got burned down because of the fire that originated in the chimney or because the burning ember jumped out of the fireplace onto the floor or carpet nearby. With modern electric fireplace you can go to sleep right in front of it without worries about house fire. You don’t need to put logs in there anymore and you furniture and clothes will not smell like smoke.

Advantages of Electric Fireplace Heater:

  1. Earth friendly and do not pollute the air
  2. Easy to install
  3. Cheap to use every day
  4. No more wood or coal
  5. No chimney
  6. No more ashes that you have to clean up
  7. No Fumes, odors and no smoke
  8. Saves time and money
  9. They are modern and flexible. Fits any room in your house. Can even be installed in mobile homes and RVs

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

If you buy the best wall mount electric fireplace you can save as much as 50 percent. In this post we will talk about wall mount electric fireplaces and how they are right for you.  These fireplaces are hang directly onto the wall which gives your room a better look. Customers say that the newer models of electric fireplaces can really add style to the room.

Wall Mount Electric fireplaces are made for properties that do not have regular fireplaces or those that had them but then were removed by the owner. You can easily install the electric fireplace. It will be much safer and it will give your living room or any other room a fashionable appeal.  This is a fact that most homeowners are turning over to electric fireplace heaters.

If you already decided if you want to buy a modern electric fireplace you need to know a few things. First, you have to know the room you will put it in. Second is you need to know the wall and dimensions of the fireplace that you want. Also know the color you want. If you want your wall mounted fireplace to match your room then color is really something you should know.  This is really important if you want it to look great.

Wall mounted electric fireplace can turn a blank wall into a classic showplace. If you have a blank wall in your master bedroom, dining room or even RV and you want to make it look good then all you need is 120 volt outlet. Electric fireplace heaters will help you spice up the room.

Also another good thing about wall mount electric fireplace is that little kids can’t reach them and mess around with them. Even thought they are safe and cool to touch, kids can still break something. So this why we believe that wall mounted electric fireplaces are good for any home.

Electric Fireplace Heater

Today Electric Fireplace Heaters have became so popular that you can almost see them everywhere only because of the benefits of electric fireplace . People say they are a lot more cheaper and healthier. One of the main reasons is that they don’t throw out any unhealthy stuff into the air. So that means that you don’t only help to save out planet from all those gasses but you help to save trees. You don’t have to buy wood anymore which also means you save your money.

Today in our unstable economy, money can be really important. Gas and grocery prices went up, so you can always use some money to buy more food for your family. This brings us back to Electric Fireplace Heaters. Modern Electric Fireplaces only require electricity to operate. Electric fireplace will warm up your house with a flip of a switch.  All you have to do is plug it it. Electric Fireplaces will only cost you about 7 cents per hour. That is really cheap compared to what people pay now to get their house warmed up. Stats show that people waste up to $8.00 dollars for just 4-5 pieces of firewood. Can you imagine how much money its gonna cost them per month? So Electric Fireplace Heater could really save you some money especially in cold times.

Another good thing about electric fireplace heaters is that its portable. They don’t weight a lot and you can easily carry them in any other room if you want. When your cold you can lie down right next to it without worries that a burning ember will jump out of the fireplace and start the fire in your house. We believe everyone should have at least one electric fireplace in their house. And be happy of course.

So, just a quick recap of what we said:

  • Modern Electric Fireplaces are cheap and anyone can afford them.
  • They are energy efficient
  • They save money that people waste to buy wood or coal

Electric Corner Fireplace

Corner Electric Fireplace has a very compact form compared to any other fireplaces. They perfectly fit to any type of home setting. Corner Electric Fireplace comes in any color, size or model. So if your house has any space restrictions you can find a fireplace that fits your home the best. The corner electric fireplace can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet.

The main purpose of a fireplace is to create an ambience and have a heat setting that will heat up the room quite well. These electric fireplace heaters are very similar to traditional fireplaces only without producing smoke, fumes or any other inconvenience. When corner electric fireplaces are placed in the corner of the room, they provide the best and quiet atmosphere for reading, romantic place for the couples and just a perfect spot for a lovely chat. These are the reasons why electric corner fireplaces are so popular in the market today. We have a wide range of choices for you to choose from.

Choosing the Perfect Wine Cooler

It does not matter whether you are a wine enthusiast or an amateur looking to improve your wine tasting skills and collection; a wine cooler is an affordable and efficient appliance for storing your bottles. Investing in a cooler will ensure that your wines are kept in the optimal environmental conditions, enhancing their color, taste and the pleasure you receive from every glass. So, how do you choose the appropriate wine cooler for your collection? There are a few factors that you need to take into consideration.

Choosing Perfect Wine Cooler

What Wines do you Intend on Collecting?

Wines are not all stored at the same temperature and humidity levels; some require lower temperatures and humidity levels than others, and you need wine coolers that will accommodate the specific type of wines you collect, whether they are red or white. If you enjoy both wines, invest in a cooler that has a dual temperature capability to accommodate these variations. You cannot simply place just any wine in any wine cooler; you need to make sure that the cooler was designed to store the types of wines you collect.

How large is your Collection?

If you are just starting out with a small collection, your wine cooler need not be that big.  In the event that you intend on collecting a large amount of wines, you will have to invest in a cooler that is large enough to store many more bottles.

What Type of Cooler are you looking for?

Wine coolers come in a range of different types, including counter top coolers, under counter coolers, free standing coolers and self-contained coolers, to name but a few. You should make sure that you look through all of the options so that you purchase a cooler that will easily fit into your home.

Do you Require Special Features?

These coolers can be so much more than simple refrigerators; they can also be purchased along with a range of features that will enhance the quality of the wine you store within them. When searching for your ideal wine coolers, you should look through the options that contain features such as energy savers, humidity control, glass fronts and stainless-steel trims.

Do you have Enough Space in your Home?

So many people purchase wine coolers without considering whether they have enough space to store them, and then they need to return the items because of space issues in their home. Take some time to decide where you are going to place your cooler and measure the amount of space you have to store it. Once you know how much space you have, you will be better able to choose the appropriate-sized cooler.

Storing Wine in Style

Coolers are not only practical appliances; they can also be purchased in stylish colors and designs. Decide on the look you want to achieve with your wine storage space, and search for a cooler that will not only assist you in storing your wine, but will also make this space look great! You wouldn’t buy an ugly fridge for your kitchen, so you do not need to do the same when it comes to your wine coolers.

Read my another post about buying guide of wine cooler . Hope these 2 posts will help you to make the right decision .

Wine Cooler Buyer’s Guide

For storing wine in a home or other location, a wine cooler or wine cellar is often the best, most affordable option. There is more to choosing a wine cooler than just picking the one that looks best. Read some of the tips we present to you to make sure you make the best wine cooler purchase you can.

Wine Cooler Buyer’s Guide

1. Decide on Your Wine: This one may seem obvious but if you don’t know what kind of wine or champagne you plan on storing, how are you going to know which wine cooler to buy? Red wine, white wine and champagne are all stored at different temperatures and humidity levels. Decide what wine you plan on storing 1st, then worry about the wine cooler. Note: many wine coolers have dual temperature features so you can store two types of wine in the same wine cooler.

2. Capacity: Some wine coolers can handle upwards of 32 wine bottles but many more can handle under 20. If you’re only a casual drinker, buying a 40 bottle Wine Cooler is going to be overkill. Likewise, if your wine cooler can only handle 18 and you have a large stock, you better invite some friends over and throw a party to finish off those bottle that don’t make the cut.

3. Types of Wine Coolers: Believe it or not there are many different types of wine coolers to choose from. Wine coolers range from free standing, self-contained, under cabinet, counter top and those built for storage in small spaces. See what style will fit your needs and match accordingly.

4. Special Features: Many wine coolers, especially the ones we review on this site, offer special features. These features include: glass fronts, stainless-steel trim, humidity control, energy efficient. Many modern models now come equipped with tinted windows to protect contents from UV damage which can ruin wine.

5. Space Required: Make sure you have adequate space to handle a wine cooler.


There you have it guys. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for wine coolers and you’ll be sure to make a great choice. Wine coolers come in a wide array of sizes, colors and special features. Keeping these tips in mind, you will be prepared to buy the best wine cooler possible for your needs.

How to Pick the Right Pasture Seed Blend

Pick the Right Pasture Seed Blend

The benefits of raising grass-fed livestock are well known, but establishing the perfect pasture grass continues to prove problematic for some. When managed properly, pastures ensure the highest level of animal health and environmental friendliness. Key to that operation is the right combination of grass, legumes and forbs to not only sustain your animals, but help them thrive. Customized pasture seeds are tailored to compliment your natural environment while providing proper growth of your animals, and maintaining your property. Remember, your pasture is an investment. Specialized grass seed companies, like Nature’s Finest Seed, provide high-quality seed blends customized by region, resources and grazing style to provide animals with highly palatable, nutrient-rich forage.

Pick the Right Pasture Seed Blend

Matching Your Region with the Right Pasture Seed Blend

The most important aspect to consider when choosing a pasture grass seed blend is your regional location. Soil, temperature and water availability vary greatly across the United States. The right pasture seed blend in balmy Mississippi will be significantly different from the right blend for a similar purpose in arid Arizona. Regional considerations that should be incorporated into the design process include:

  1. environmental elements such as soil conditions, sun/shade tolerances and heat tolerances
  2. drought potential, disease and pest risk, possible invasive traits
  3. water availability (dryland vs. irrigated)

For best results, consult soil survey maps and get your soil tested to find out your soil type, drainage, composition and forage capability. Your local Cooperative Extension Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service are both excellent resources for assisting you with any of these actions.

Matching Your Animals’ Needs with the Right Pasture Seed Blend

Right Pasture Seed

An animal’s nutritional needs, natural preferences and ultimate purpose are all important considerations when choosing a pasture seed blend. The right option for a herd of beef or dairy cows can be significantly different from the needs of a horse enclosure or sheep flock. Customizing your pasture seed mix for the right purpose is the best way to ensure healthy, productive animals. Examples of customized blends include:

a short, dense pasture made up of soft, leafy grasses preferred by the peculiar mouths of llamas and alpacas

Complimentary and palatable grass varieties necessary for more selective animals, such as those found in a horse pasture seed mix

substantial nutrient-dense and palatable grass species designed to keep beef cattle eating instead of roaming, while supplying dairy cows with all the energy needed to maximize milk production

blended mixtures with shrub-like broadleaf forbs for wandering grazers like goats

In addition to appropriate grass seeds, an ideal pasture seed blend will have carefully selected legumes to compliment your land and herd’s particularized needs. Legumes’ importance includes offering additional digestible protein, calcium and minerals to animals, and providing natural nitrogen and soil erosion control for the land.

Best pasture seeding practices incorporate both regional standards and animal needs to find the best customized solution to sustain the land, maximize growth potential and help animals thrive as natural grazers. Keep these concepts in mind next time you’re looking for the right pasture seed blend.

How To Clean Without Using Chemicals

The state of the environment should be of importance to everyone, even if it’s simply for selfish reasons. A vast majority of this generation live for ‘now’ so it is pointless to encourage them to be kind to the environment for the benefit of the future generation.

Clean Without Using Chemicals

Cleaning without chemicals is something that is beneficial for our health and well-being as well as contributing to the creation of a healthier environment for future generations. There are many cleaning products on the market that claim to be eco-friendly but unfortunately this term is used rather loosely by the manufacturers of household cleaners. A product labelled as eco-friendly can simply be one that is bio-degradable and has been manufactured, packaged or distributed in an environmentally friendly manner. The average consumer expects an eco-friendly cleaner to be a product that gets the job done without being harmful to self, kids, pets and the environment. In today’s market these types of truly environmentally friendly products are available but they are often rather expensive which is why consumers simply use the cheaper products that are full of harmful chemicals.

However, there is still yet a cheaper alternative that is kind to the environment and delivers the required results; and that is to use the products our great grandmothers used. Domestic cleaning was done using items like vinegar, salt, soap, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and borax. Baking soda and vinegar are two of the most popular ingredients used in a majority of recipes for homemade cleaners.

Using vinegar for a wide range of cleaning

As we all know vinegar is acidic and this is why it is such a good cleaners, because it eats up the dirt and grime; and an added benefit is that it also kills off bacteria. There are a variety of recipes readily available online that use vinegar as an ingredient to make household cleaners that can be used throughout the home. Vinegar can be used on its own or combined with other ingredients for cleaning ovens, various kitchen and bathroom surfaces, windows, metal, floors and many other surfaces and areas within the home. Vinegar can also be used to get rid of pet odours and other smells or simply used as a disinfectant by using it undiluted to wipe down door handles, light switches etc. Due to its acidic nature, care should be taken not to use vinegar in its undiluted form, so here is a quick recipe for a multi-purpose cleaner: –

2 tablespoons of vinegar

1 teaspoon of borax

1/2 a teaspoon of washing soda

1/2 a teaspoon of liquid soap

2 cups hot water

In a spray bottle; add the vinegar, borax, soda and liquid soap and then carefully add the hot water and gently shake until all the in ingredients are dissolved.

Let An Outdoor Firepit Bring The Campfire To Your Patio

Many of today’s firepits are portable which makes it a simple chore to take them along to the campground, beach or tailgate party. Your family or guests will have plenty of room to gather around and roast their favorite treat from corn on the cob to hot dogs and of course marshmallows. A well designed firepit will have a generous fire bowl allowing for a generous fire. An open fire allows these treats to be cooked much faster and with less fuss than a barbecue which usually requires a great deal of time to reach the proper heat.

Outdoor Firepit

Facts About Outdoor Firepit

Outdoor fire pits are becoming more popular in urban surroundings. Nothing attracts outdoor lovers more than a pit fire. It is the rare person who had not sometime in their lives sat around an outdoor fire and poked sticks, roasted marshmallows or just marveled at the unending shapes that an outdoor fire creates. For years’ homeowners carried this love to their yards and patios with simple open fires on firepits scraped in the ground. However, it is not so easy to enjoy this pastime now because of new community regulations.

With concern of global warming, the high cost of firewood and of course fear of an escaping fire due to sparks many communities have outlawed the once cherished fire pit. Fortunately, technology has allowed homeowners to continue to enjoy this tradition with the advancement of screened fire pit designs and the new propane fire pits.

Dozens of firepits which are designed to contain sparks and minimize potential fire hazards are available in styles to please any home decorator. Some models have a copper fire bowl while others are designed as a slate firepit table with wrought iron legs. Manufacturers have truly worked overtime to design functional, attractive outdoor fire pits.

I have posted an article about Backyard Aquaponic Gardening . What a perfect combination! Just think, if you place an outdoor fire pit in your backyard garden and spending some delightful evening times with your family sit besides it!


Propane Outdoor Fire Pits Are Available In Many Unique Models

Models such as the Camp Chef FP29LG 30-Inch Del Rio Copper Gas Fire pit built with a copper bowl allow the joy of the campfire without the work of gathering wood and enduring the ever moving smoke columns that while a benefit in chasing bugs keeps you on the move to stay out of the smoke. The gas fire pit eliminates those pesky traits.

wood fire

The above model is portable so you do not have to leave it behind on trips to the cottage or just a short trip to the beach or park. Make popcorn, roast hot dogs and pretend you are off in some exotic mountain all within the reach of your back door.

For larger patios where a slate bowl and marble mantle would add a classic touch look into the Blue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor Fire bowl with Slate/Marble Mantel. Propane fired and complete with lava rocks to give that unique wood fired look this system will serve you well for years and you will never have to cart off ashes or go searching for another log or struggle to get it lit even in windy conditions.


Propane Fire Pits Bring The Campfire To Your Patio

Most propane fire pits are complete with cast iron or stainless steel burners offering years of trouble free service. Electronic ignition makes lighting the fire a snap. With models that have handcrafted tile or granite mantels, porcelain steel bowls and wrought iron stands it is almost unworthy to call these propane fire pits. Many of them are works of art and while providing a safe and warming fire they will add class to any patio without the mess and possible hazards of an open wood fire.

If you are interested to know more about modern fireplaces and fire pits then I must go for Modern Electric Fireplaces .

Final Notes

Nothing adds more charm to an outdoor setting than a flickering fire. On a cool summer evening or a chilly autumn night, you find yourself mesmerized by every changing fire. With your propane fire pit the fire is instantly ready t enjoy. Light the burner, adjust the flame and sit back and relax. No sparks to be concerned about. Smoke will not chase you from your comfortable chair as the wind changes. There is much to enjoy with a propane outdoor fire pit. Spend a few minutes online and review all the classy new models and read the customer reviews. Shopping at its best.

How Build and Install Doors and Windows

Below you can watch step by step video

Build and Install Doors

The way to start is to know how to make a wooden door or window and make sure it is functional. Anyone can to learn the basics, develop skills, create own handmade door or window. Everyone likes furnish home and today they are a completion of home decor. There are many guides and manuals on internet with low price. Though is good to know that the window must have certain requirements of energy efficiency, then if you haven’t right knowledge is better contact manufacturer of windows. You can reduce energy costs by installing energy-efficient windows in your home. Important is the choice of wood, it must be known for limited movement, great stability and right hardness. Obviously for build and install you need woodworking tools and more complicated is work to do, more specific and sophisticated must be equipment. Main hand tools are various types of hammer, saw, plane, chisel, screwdriver, pincer, pins, screws and others. Main power machinery and tools are combined machine, band saw, circular saw inclinable, drill, electric screwdriver and others.

Tools and Set for build wooden windows

Austrian system

For making a window you will need some tools compulsorily. First of all a table saw,a router table with a  mounted router is must needed. If your wood was not ready for making the window then you surely need a chainsaw and off course a sharpener as well. For sharpener you can check a chainsaw sharpener reviews article. A mortiser is needed also, a tenon jig and some router bits are also required for this job

Components for Windows and Doors

Materials for both are various types of wood, ironmonger, paint.

Wood : Timber needs to be treated to provide protection from environmental damage, decay and insect attack.
– main timber for doors are Mahogany, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Alder.
– main timber for windows are Douglas fir, Oak, Pine, Mahogany.

Ironmonger : There are various styles and finishes
– handles, hinges, locks and others accessories

Paint : There are various types (polyurethane, synthetic, water-based paint and others). You can paint with brush or con airbrush and depends If the wood you are about to paint is already stained and finished.

How to build a wooden door

How to build a simple garage door

How to install double shutter door

Italian technique

Final Notes :

Hope you are now ready start Build and Install Doors for any of your purposes . If you have any tips or suggestions please let us know using the below comment box .

Cost Efficient Ways to Garden and Grow Your Own Food

grow foods

Grow Your Own Food is Saving Money and Eating Healthier.

Growing your own fruits, herbs, and vegetables is one of the best ways that you can find to cut back on the ever rising cost of food.

Gardening doesn’t take a lot of space or money to get started in and even less monies to maintain the longer that you participate in it.

What most gardeners don’t realize though is that even the most basic costs of gardening can be lowered for further savings. There are a number of cost efficient ways to cultivate and grow your own food.

Big garden Little Garden. Gardening has many benefits. Grow Your Own Food :

Grow Your Own Food

Creating a garden area can shave a substantial amount of money off your annual grocery bill. It also gives you the security of knowing that harsh chemicals and pesticides aren’t being consumed by your family. It is a fun hobby that gives you the perfect opportunity to get out in the sunshine and play in the dirt.

Creating nutrient rich soil through composting.

grow food

One of the greatest cost areas in gardening is in acquiring and maintaining a nutrient rich soil in which to plant your crop. Many gardeners spend a great deal of money on purchasing soil, manure, and fertilizers to enrich their garden plot. This is completely unnecessary.

The richest soil available is completely free of charge and readily available to each and every person. In fact it is generally discarded as trash and thrown away into the local landfill each week from thousands of households.

It it compost and it is easily acquired through the simple process of composting vegetable waste from your kitchen. It is estimated that the average US household throws away about 200 pounds of vegetable waste each year. What a waste.

Compostable vegetable matter is nutrient rich material that can easily be converted into rich soil in a mere matter of weeks. Composting can save you a lot of money.

Now create a spot for your compost.


For creating a compost site simply dig a shallow hole at one corner of your garden area, deposit your vegetable waste into the hole, and lightly cover it with dirt.

All vegetable matter including vegetable peelings and trimmings, nut shells, egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds, tea bags, and small pieces of cardboard or paper can be composted there. Just add dirt, water and sunshine to begin the process.

Add a sprinkling of water and then stir the compost pile on a regular basis to increase the speed at which composting will occur. Nutrient rich soil can be produced within four to five weeks in a well maintained compost pile.

*Lard, oil, grease, meat or fish products, dairy or cheese products, pet wastes and any other toxic contaminants are items that should never be put into your compost site.

Avoid GMO by harvesting your own seeds and seedlings.

grow own food

There are a couple of reasons why it is wise to harvest your own seeds or seedlings. Doing so will logically help you to save on gardening costs but there is also an environmental twist as well.

Many modern seeds are genetically modified or come coated with chemical pesticides. When you harvest your own organic seed you can provide a safer healthier alternative for both your family and any creatures who may come in contact with your garden area. This is especially important for pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Most gardeners generally make an annual spring trip to their favorite store to purchase seed and seedlings each spring. Much of this expense can be avoided. There are many types of seed and seedlings that are free for your use and all it takes to acquire them is a flat space to dry them and a small container to store them in.

The seed can be acquired from vegetables or fruit as we consume them. Just remove a selection of seed from the chosen food and set them out onto a paper towel to dry. Then store the dried seed in a small labeled brown paper bag or small metal container till planting time.

Tomato, green pepper, beans, peas, cucumber, apple, orange, watermelon and sunflower are an example of a few very easily acquired seeds.

Share seedlings and clippings with other gardeners.

own food garden grow

Seedlings are a product that can be acquired without cost. Most gardeners are willing to share and all it takes is a few minutes to ask if they are willing to share a few sprigs of their current bushes or trees with you.

Apple, pear, cherry, and nut trees, as well as raspberries, strawberries or other fruit bushes can be inexpensively acquired in this manner.

Most trees and bushes need trimming or pruning anyway so sharing isn’t usually a problem where these items are concerned. Many herb gardeners are only to thrilled to pass along small sections of their plants as well as a few tips for their care.

If you spot something out there that you like, just take a few minutes to stop by to say hi, and ask if you might have a sprig or two to take home with you. When it comes your turn to do your pruning, pass along the bounty, and share a few sprigs with a neighbor or two.

Even apartment dwellers can container garden.

own food gardening

Even if you live in an apartment it is possible to have fresh herbs or vegetables. In a well lighted area of your apartment you can have container pots of herbs, dwarf trees, or lettuce rather than the standard houseplants that usually dwell in these areas.

If you have a balcony then you can easily plant a small lettuce, herb, or pea garden in balcony boxes. Even a small garden can bring great enjoyment for those who own them.

Composting can also be easily accomplished from apartment homes. Just use a pail or container to store your vegetable waste and combine it with dirt in a planter.

You can also simply save your vegetable material, and then take a trip to an outdoor area where you can return it to mother nature, and let her take care of the composting for you. She’s always willing to help out in the process, you just have to supply her with the waste material, and she’ll provide the sunshine and water.

Backyard Aquaponic Gardening Tips

I thought I would share the fun I had while building my aquaponics project in my back yard.
There are photos (getting better at doing that ) the idea is to have fish growing in a large container and the water from the fish is to be filtered through a garden bed with a substrate in which the vegetables will grow.
The fish waste will fertilise the vegetables and the vegetables and substrate will filter the water.
Backyard Aquaponic Gardening is growing in popularity with many people combining growing vegetables with fish.
There are a quite a few things to overcome such as how to re-arrange the planter box to accommodation the tanks and also how to avoid things like ammonia increase in the tank as the fish grow in size producing more waste than the grow beds can filter out.
Ammonia is very bad for the fish.
I am expecting to be able to harvest enough vegetables, fish, yabbies and maybe some mussels to feed the whole family.
With Backyard Aquaponic Gardening I should save us approx $60 a week which will be more than $3000 a year
as much as I like fish we still will be buying red meat.

At this time I intend to have 6 tanks and 6 grow beds, it is anticipated that, that would create enough food for us all and have enough left over for Sunday BBQ with extended family members.

What is Aquaponics

aquaponic garden

Aquaponics is a symbiotic relationship between Aquaculture & Hydroponics.

This means that fish and plants are grown in an integrated system, the system uses the water from the fish tank and circulates it through a grow bed where the plants are grown.

The plants use these nutrients from the fish waste as their main nutrient supply. The fish also benefit as the water is filtered by the plants, cleaning the water for the fish.

Starting the Aquaponics System

The planter box needs to be altered to accommodate the fish tanks as I dont want the tanks to come too far out into the yard.

Aquaponics System work begins

The start is harder than it will be for the rest of the project because I have to adjust the existing infrastructure to fit the ICB (from now on i’ll call it the fish tank)into place

I had several restrictions.
I didn’t want to make the whole thing any taller and I also didn’t want to come further out into the yard.
I needed to dig down far enough to fit the fish tank and to also make sure I could put re-enforced concrete under it as the channel that the fish tank will be placed in, is also going to be a drain for the whole yard.
Taking out the existing pole was a much bigger task than I anticipated. I did manage to get it out , it weighs a lot more than I thought it would.

First Aquaponics Fish Tank

backyard aquaponic gardening

The first tank is in place not ready for use yet by any means, as I have to complete the area for the second tank and also to prepare for the concrete base

Learn how to do Aquaponics Yourself

Aquaponics works! It is a very simple process to get going and is proven to be a viable alternative to other gardening methods using a lot less space, grow both vegetables and fish in a sustainable way in the smallest of gardens or balconies.

aquaponic gardening
Listed below are is some extra reading that can get you started on your own home food production

  • Home Food Production for Everyone
  • DIY guide for growing your own food.
  • IT WORKS – Aquaponics has been PROVEN to grow more food faster.
  • Aquaponics is organically grown without the use of pesticides.


backyard aquaponic garden

The rains came and the work stopped. Not that I was working at it all that hard. LOL
Budget constraints and such and then just as I was moving ahead the rain came

Just to show the amount of work that has been halted, hopefully a lot of progress will happen once the rain stops

After the rain stopped I was able to get some progress happening.
I have done most of the work here with the help of me, myself, and I, on a couple occasions a mate came over to tell me how wrong it all was going and hold a pole to ensure it was straight. Other than that the mess is all mine

First bit of concrete is laid

backyard aquaponic gardening tips
Such a mess thankfully my partner is a very patient lady and I can get away with this mess.

Since we live on a very small block 380 sq metres for house and yard. Things do get very cramped and messy not to mention the amount of dust I create

I have been told that somehow I have created a bigger mess than when I started

Some degree of progress showing now. It actually looks like I am getting somewhere and getting it finished is a real possibility

last 2 bays to get done

aquaponic gardening tips

It now starting to look more like it should, nearly finished the last bays

Just managed to finish the major bit of the last 2 bays, only the retaining wall and some concreting around the edges and the step to do now.
Next day the rain started again and hasn’t let up for 2 days now, hopefully the concrete was hard enough not to wash away.

Some Progress in my Backyard Aquaponic Gardening

Just so you know it is a lot easier to get an Aquaponics project of your own up and running than the one I’m doing.
You only need about 1.5 square metres and you can create one for about $400 or even less if you can source your tank from somewhere that you can either get it cheap or even free.

It is possible to just make a sleeper box and line it with pond plastic, same with the grow box.
Then all you need is a pond pump with luck you could possibly setup for under $200
Not bad for something that can produce a lot of virtually free food.

Well back to what I am building.

backyard aquaponic gardening tricks
I have almost finished the tank structures (rained for a week and then I managed 2 days and it rained again.
I shall have one tank and grow bed filled with water and ready to start setting up the plumbing this week (thank you rain LOL)

I still have a lot of concreting to go as I am renovating the entire back yard at the same time.
As soon as I have finished the tanks and plumbing I will be building a bar by the kitchen window, I will need somewhere to sit relax and enjoy all that BBQ’d fish.

If you are thinking about budget , then you may read my another post about cost effective garden tips.

Aquaponics System main structure nearly done

2 tanks in
I have the first 2 working tanks in place water is flowing all that is needed now is the grow media

The growbeds have now been filled, just $25 from local landscape supplier for 200 kg of “Autumn Gold” pebbles up to 20 mm in size.

For now there are only Beens and Pak choi, it is still in testing phase.

The plan is to add some corn along the back of the planter in the next couple of days.

2 Weeks later and the beens are coming along nicely Backyard Aquaponics after after 2 weeks

Corn has been added, it is 2 weeks since I planted the corn Gardening Corn
and they are sprouting nicely I have also added cabbage and cauliflower Backyard Aquaponics Cauliflower

To get the system to “cycle” I have added 40 feeder fish, they will get the process of wastes to nitrates for the plants started, it doesn’t matter if they die but they look like they are doing well Aquaponics fish tank.

Soon I will get the fish I want to keep and those feeder fish will be their first meal.

Its been 2 more weeks now and I have added 40 more feeder fish, The growth will be much faster once i have the fish that I will be growing for food as there will be more fish waste for the plants to process as this is a new setup with no nitrates already established it takes a little longer for the plants to grow as fast as they otherwise would.

That’s Pak Choi in the middle beans on the left (flowering already) with corn at the back and capsicum on the right, Tomatoes have been planted seeded across the front to grown down the front of the box but they haven’t sprouted yet, The seeds were out of date so they may not sprout, you can see the Young cabbage next to the pak choi in front.

Most Useful Lawn and Garden Tools

garden tools

Beautiful lawns and gardens don’t just happen. They require a lot of work and dedication, as well as constant attention. The people that manufacture lawn and garden tools realize that gardeners are a hard working breed, and would like us to believe that we need a different gadget for every job in the yard. The truth is, many tools can be used for more than one purpose, and spending the money on these useless gadgets just isn’t necessary.

Let’s examine some of the tools that will prove to be the most useful for tending to the yard or garden.


A garden trowel is similar to a small, hand-held shovel. No gardener should be without this great little tool. Whether you are digging up a spot for new colorful spring flowers, pulling weeds from the garden, or replanting your favorite container plant, this is an item you will come to depend on.


Everyone needs a durable shovel when working outdoors. A shovel can dig large holes for planting trees or shrubbery, or can be used to pick up and move large clumps of dirt or other debris.


A rake is a very basic yard tool, used to gather leaves, dirt, or other debris. There are some things a shovel simply cannot pick up, which is usually when a rake comes in handy.

Garden hoe

There are two types of garden hoes, a cutting hoe and a draw hoe. A draw hoe can be replaced by other items listed here; however, a cutting hoe is essential, as it can be pushed back and forth to cut the soil, making it ideal for edging.

Garden fork

A garden fork has a long handle with several (usually three or four) short “teeth”. It can serve many purposes, including cultivating soil, breaking new ground, tilling the garden, aerating the yard, removing debris, and so much more. This is a heavy duty gardening tool that everyone should have in the garage or shed. Hand-held garden forks are also available, which are much easier to use in small garden areas.

Before purchasing any lawn and garden tool, handle them to test for comfort. When selecting your tools, keep in mind that copper based metals are most beneficial to the soil, as copper is non-magnetic and will not add traces of metal when used. This type of tool wears nicely and will not corrode as easily as garden tools made of other materials.

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