6 Best Paying Work From Home Jobs

In today’s world everything is well connected and this means that people can work 24/7 without having to leave home.

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Working from home is a privilege and should not be regarded as a right, but it is proven that this process benefits both the company and the individual.

Below we have compiled a list of top six best paying opportunities.

No.1 Credit Analyst

This is the top paying job for a home worker and the average salary here is $77,200. The role of a credit analyst is to determine whether an individual is credit worthy and a good risk.

This is a role that carries a lot of responsibility and therefore needs lots of research. The role requires a lot of online research into the background of the individual as well as confirming information such as salary with an individual’s employer.

No.2 IT Consultant

The average salary for an IT consultant is $72,100. An IT consultant will be able to telecommute and will help both small and large businesses to develop systems to meet their requirements.

They will work on systems such as VPN and will work on databases. The beauty of this opportunity is with the technology we have, they can carry out all these tasks remotely from home.

No.3 Technical Sales Representative

This job can easily achieve an average wage of $71,500 but it does have an element of awkwardness about it, however, if that does not bother you then there is a lot of money to be earned.

This role consists of cold calling and attempting to sell products but if technology is your thing then the rewards are high. The majority of time carrying out this role is spent on the phone, so this makes it even easier to work from home.

No.4 Software Developer

The annual salary of a software developer is $64,700 and the job really is suited to working from home. This is due to the fact that a lot of time has to be spent sat at a computer working on projects individually. From the comfort of their own house software developers will research, design, test and implement the software.

No.5 Technical Writer

A technical writer’s salary can be as high as $58,600 and it is a very specialist job as it does require a specific skill that not everyone possesses. The role consists of explaining technical information that is difficult to understand to the public so that they find it easy to understand.

This role can cover many topics that require the skill of being able to explain things simply. This could be subjects such as manuals, textbooks and this sort of work will have the writer spending hours sat at their computer writing.

No.6 Employment Recruiter

The annual salary for an individual working in this role is $57,700 and the role consists of matching up employers with people who are actively looking for work. An employment recruiter will handle all paperwork and issues for both the employer and prospective employee.

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