6 Best Sites To Find Civil Service Jobs

With the current economic crisis and lack of jobs it is easy for people to believe that there is not much work out there.

However, if you look hard enough you can be sure to find a whole host of openings that will allow you to build a career as well as have some sort of stability and security.

You Want To Work In Civil Service, Right?

One of the areas to look at is the Civil Service. Being a Civil Servant is a great job to have and there are many places where you can go to find out what openings are available, below is a list of the top six sites that can be used to find these open positions.

  1. State.gov

This is the main website for the US Department of State. They advertise positions that cover many different aspects of what the department of state actually do on a day to day basis. A job here can be very exciting and can offer variety as well as an exciting career path.

The US Department of state is the agency responsible for foreign affairs and they offer jobs at over 265 locations. Here they want to employ people who understand what America requires as a country.

  1. Monster.com

This is up there with one of the best search engines in the world. Monster will advertise openings posted by Civil Service agencies across America and will allow you to really hone in on the job you really want.

They offer a range of positions and make it easy for you to research and apply for them. Monster will allow you to upload a resume so potential employees can view them and offer you an interview should they think you are suitable for the job.

  1. Usajobs.gov

The website is a free web-based board that allows those people who want to work in as a civil servant in America to look for the one that suits them best. They have thousands of vacations advertised that cover hundreds of federal agencies and organizations.

Site is the official source for federal job listings and employment opportunity information.

  1. Usaid.gov

What usaid.gov offer are job opportunities within the department that offers help to people who are struggling and live overseas. This department works hard to show what compassion America shows towards other countries in terms of supporting human dignity and policy interests.

Working for Usaid offers individuals the opportunity to work in areas related to many world issues such as poverty, hunger and disease. The roles are challenging and a long career can be forged through hard work and a caring and understanding towards helping others. Positions here can be based in America but also overseas.

  1. Tiptopjob.com

Tiptopjob offers individuals the opportunity to access jobs right across America using the unique network of sites that cover over 35 sectors. The site aims to match advertisers, employers and jobseekers to help them find the perfect position. The site uses niche traffic to filter positions down to what you require. The site can really make a difference in helping you to find the dream job working for the civil service.

  1. Opm.gov

What opm.gov aims to achieve is to help build a world class workforce for America, and they do this by advertising ones that cover many federal agencies. Not only do they offer jobs but they cover background checks for employees as well as security clearances. They also cover pensions and merit systems as well as health programs.

Opm.gov is a really useful site to take a look at when it comes to looking for a job. This is one of the sites that the US government uses to advertise vacancies which pretty much confirms that it is a site that should be taken seriously.

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