6 Most Effective Tips To Negotiate Higher Salary Now

Whether you’re being offered a new job or you feel like you deserve a rise in your current position, it is always difficult to negotiate a better salary. It is hard to know when to bring the subject up, what to say, and how much to ask for without upsetting your employer. It is also hard to know which tactics will give you the best chance of success. However, with these six tips, the problem will start looking much easier to overcome.

1. Do Your Own Research

Find out what the market rate is for a person at your level in your industry. If possible, find out about the pay scale in the company itself as well. This will help you to know what you can realistically ask for. Make a note of this information, and have it to hand when negotiating. That way, you will be able to use it to illustrate your point and help discussions.

2. Remember, Be Confident But Polite

Try not to be nervous when bringing the subject up, and once you know what you are worth then be prepared to stick to your guns a little. If your skills are in demand or you have had offers from other companies, you can mention this to add leverage. At the same time, do not be rude, and be careful not to come across as cocky.

Also, don’t make threats, such as leaving your company if you dont get the rise. This will damage relationships regardless of whether you get the extra money.

3. Just Be Flexible Dear Visitor

Don’t name a figure and then treat it as an absolute necessity. Leave room for negotiation. Decide what the least you can accept is in advance. Name a more ideal figure to start with, but be prepared to drop as long as you don’t go below your minimum.

Likewise, consider alternative options. If the company can’t offer more money but can offer other benefits, consider whether this makes for a worthwhile package.

4. Make Sure To Talk About The Future, Not The Past

If you are seeking a rise from your current company, don’t rely on things you’ve done in the past. You were paid for the time you spent doing those already. Instead, focus on what you can do in the future. If you will deliver more, the company will be more likely to pay you more.

Likewise, if you are negotiating a new job, don’t rely on past performance. Instead, focus on what you will bring to the company.

5. Be Ready To Emphasize Benefits

When seeking a rise, you are asking for something from an employer. They need to know that they will get something in return. Just as you have to focus on future rather than past potential, you need to focus on their viewpoint rather than yours.

Don’t talk too much about your hard work or sacrifices, though these might be mentioned. Instead, emphasize the ways in which working with you will help the company.

6. In The End, Be Prepared for a No

Ultimately, there is no way you can guarantee success. If you do fail to get your pay increase, the worst thing you can do is fly off the handle. Brace yourself for the possibility of a no, accept your defeat, and decide what your next steps will be.

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