About Me

As a blogger, writer, mother, DIY garden lover and founder of “Green Cottage” Here, I want to share my ideas for all. I am from New York, now in Miami to make my career. Creating a DIY project is a passion for me. I write several articles about DIY gardening project, how to create a perfect garden, how to maintain your garden properly, gardening tools and many more for garden lovers. I look forward to promote my knowledge to all my blog followers. I also create a few social media platforms for my blog like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. People can find the guides very easily from these platforms.
I have two lovely kids, Paris and Patric. I love cooking, eating snacks with my buddies, also very much love to have a glass of wine with my partner. I love my family, always want to touch with my followers. Thanks to all for seeing my blog. Smiles.