How To Ace The 5 Most Common Interview Questions

Interviews can be one of the most difficult experiences and each individual puts pressure on themselves to succeed.

However, What Makes People Nervous is the Fact they are walking Into the Unknown.

Not knowing the individuals who are carrying out the interview is bad enough but having questions thrown at you that you are unable to prepare for is probably the most frightening of the whole experience.

Will I get caught out? Will I make myself look stupid? Will I be able to answer the questions at all? These are all questions that people ask themselves before, but fear not, we have compiled the 5 top questions asked during the selection process and shown you how to answer them.

No.1 What Makes You Think You Are The Person For This Job?

What makes you think you are the person for this job? Sounds like an easy question doesn’t it? That is because it really is. All the employer is trying to ascertain is whether they should employ you or not, so stay calm and really try to give in depth examples of what skills you possess and what you have achieved that relates to the role that you are trying to get.

No.2 How Would You Describe Yourself?

How would you describe yourself? This is where you have to fine tune yourself to really fit into the mould that the company want. Ideally, you need to show that the job and you can have a seriously good relationship!

So for example, if you were going for a customer related job, you would want to emphasize that you are great with people. Maybe you are going for a job that involves working with figures, you could say that you enjoy working things out and solving problems. It is all about turning yourself into the correct person for the job.

No.3 What Are You Greatest Weaknesses?

What are you greatest weaknesses? Here the employer does not want you to list your weaknesses, they want to try to catch you out. What you really need to do here is turn the weaknesses into positives. You could start by stating that you don’t see a weakness as a weakness, more of a strength that needs to be improved.

Then you can elaborate by saying how you can overcome the weaknesses. Give examples on how you have improved, time keeping, working to deadlines, solving problems. Everyone has a weakness, you just have to show that it is not a weakness that would impact your ability to carry out the job.

No.4 How Do You Handle Pressure?

How do you handle pressure? This again is another question where you do not want to dwell on the negatives. You could simply state that you enjoy working with pressure, as it makes you work more efficiently and brings the best out of you. You need to show that pressure is not an issue, finish off the answer with an example, such as being given an important deadline.

No.5 How Much Do You Know About Our Company?

How much do you know about our company? In effect, this should be one of the easier questions. This is because you have time before the meeting to do your research.

This shows that you are prepared and organized and are willing to think outside the box. Visit their website, read about the CEO, what work they do, where they carry it out. Really work hard to cover all bases as this will really show what you are made of.

If you can understand the basis of these five questions and go into an interview as prepared as possible then you will give yourself the best chance of succeeding. These five questions are just the beginning, but if you can really impress with your answers, then you are on the right road to success.

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