The Benefits of a Large Kitchen Sink

With so many options for kitchen sinks, it might surprise readers to learn that one of the favorites is the traditional, single large kitchen sink basins. Why is the large kitchen sink such a popular kitchen sink size?

The Benefits of a Large Kitchen Sink

  1. You can accomplish more in a large kitchen sink than you can in a small kitchen sink. When it comes to kitchen sink size you have more room for maneuvering in a large sink than in a small sink. This means that you can clean more vegetables, wash more dishes and whatever else you might do in your kitchen sink.
  2. A large kitchen sink can store more dishes (or other items) than a smaller sink. This is helpful on nights when you have people over for dinner or if you cook a particularly complicated meal that involves many different dishes. Having a large kitchen sink means that less counter space is used for storing dishes and utensils that need to be washed. A large kitchen sink can also store more fruits and vegetables for washing and rinsing.
  3. The number of things that can be accomplished in a large kitchen sink outnumber the number of things that can be accomplished in a smaller kitchen sink size. Some parents use the kitchen sink to bathe their babies and toddlers because the children simply aren’t ready for a regularly sized bathtub. This is much easier in a large kitchen sink than a different kitchen sink size. Older children may enjoy doing water experiments or playing water games, which is easier to do in a large kitchen sink (and offers less possibility of disaster than simply filling the bathtub).
  4. The large kitchen sink is easier to clean. When you have a large sink basin, there is more room to move around than with a smaller sink. The more room you have to move around, the easier the cleaning of the sink becomes. The large single basined sink also has less surface area to worry about than a smaller double basined sink or a triple sink.
  5. If you ever decide to install a new sink, a large kitchen sink provides you with more options than a smaller sink. Because the counter top is already cut for a large sink, a triple kitchen sink can easily be installed without your having to cut more space into your countertop.

So many home owners get caught up in the idea of having a fancy or complicated looking kitchen sink that they forget about the simplicity and elegance offered by the simple large kitchen sink. Kitchen sink size matters just as much as the number of basins, the sink color and the material from which the sink is made. The farm kitchen sink, a beautiful piece of traditional kitchenware is an example of a beautiful and classic large kitchen sink. The large kitchen sink offers just as many opportunities for beauty and style as do other kitchen sink sizes. Hopefully this article provided you with some reasons that a simple sink is just as good as something with a fancier design!

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