Building A Decorative Fire Pit With Landscaping Blocks

Outdoor fires and outdoor fire pits are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great way to enjoy some fun at home by simply roasting marshmallows or gathering around the fire to spend time together. There are many methods used to teach someone how to build a wood fire pit but using landscaping blocks is one of the most decorative and durable ways to do so.

Fire Pit

Choosing landscaping blocks gives you the freedom to create any look you desire. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and can be chosen to coordinate with a home or existing landscaping. After you purchase the blocks, take them to the location you wish to build the pit. Lay them out in the desired place and create a perfect circle. Use a tool such as a spade to mark the circle all the way around, about an inch from the outside of the ring. Remove the stones and dig a trench with straight sides about 12 inches deep and one block width. Lay the ring of blocks down to verify their fit, and then move them again.

Fill the trench with gravel, making sure that the trench stays level and even. Put the first block in place and use a small level to ensure it is sitting properly in all directions. A mallet can be used to tap down one side while gravel can be added to raise it up a bit. Position the next block beside the first and so on, creating the first layer. Apply masonry adhesive to two blocks side by side on the first level and apply a block. This will begin your second level. After two levels complete, fill with a few inches of gravel to help support the progressing wall. Finish laying the third and fourth levels.

At this point, an iron fire pit ring could be added. However, more decorative options are now available. Specialized steel liners can be purchased and added to the pit. However, the actual fire pit construction must be completed with this accessory in mind. The depth and height of the pit will determine the size of cylinder you must purchase. Pre-made cylinders will give you the dimensions for constructing your pit. If you choose to build a pit prior to purchase, you may have to have a liner specially made, which can be a bit more expensive. A decorative steel ring can be added to the top of the pit to give it flair and design. These rings are also special order items but come in a variety of finishes and designs. Left unpainted they give a rustic, country appearance while black adds classic style to the overall look of the pit.

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