Defining Modern Kitchen Chairs

When it comes to modern art there are quite a few different styles or periods. Modern art spans everything from when impressionism started to die out to what somebody painted this morning in sidewalk chalk in the downtown part of a city. In terms of furniture, however, modern kitchen chairs will have to major characteristics: the chair will be highly functional (you could probably also use it as a small table, or a stool if you had to without taking away from its decorative quality) and it is artistic enough to be displayed somewhere that has no use for a kitchen chair.

Defining Modern Kitchen Chairs

The basic rule of modern kitchen chairs is this: if it can serve more than one purpose and also be considered art, then the chair is a modern kitchen chair. The same can be said for contemporary kitchen chairs as well.

In terms of modern kitchen sets and furniture, most modern furniture will serve more than one purpose. Can your footstool hold items inside of it? Does it serve both a comfort and a storage function? This is a sign of modern furniture. By that definition then, your kitchen chairs should be able to pull double or triple duty without looking out of place.

Believe it or not, once upon a time, nobody thought to use a kitchen chair for more than it was intended: sitting at a kitchen table and eating a meal. Today kitchen chairs are used as step stools, living room seating, desk chairs, and small tables and even display shelving. This variety of function is what sets the contemporary kitchen chairs apart from other types of kitchen chairs or stools.

Consider the artistic handiwork that went into making the chairs. Can you sit your kitchen chair in a room that would not ordinarily have use for it without it looking out of place? Do your contemporary kitchen chairs feature beautiful colors and craftsmanship? Could they be considered a works of art by someone who glances at them? Believe it or not, the possibility of being considered a work of art is also what separates the modern kitchen chairs from their antique predecessors.

Modern kitchen chairs do not have to be in specific colors or shapes. They do not need to be made from a specific type of material to be considered part of the modern kitchen. Many people assume that contemporary kitchen chairs need to feature steel or metal or have a certain style of back to them. This is simply not true. The mark of the modern kitchen chair is that it is beautiful and stylish while also being multifunctional.

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