Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters offer the same outdoor heating flexibility provided by gas and solid fuel burners, but without the need for gas bottles, valves, a naked flame, pipes or set-up time.

They also avoid the smell of burning gas (which many outdoor partiers actually like) and the possibility of the energy source running out mid way through a gathering.

Electric patio heaters are silent when running and require no cleaning as a result of their use.


Infra red Halogen Heaters

The most popular electric garden heater is the halogen heater.

These heaters generate an almost immediate heat that is radiated directly to all objects within their heat catchment zone.

The infra red heating effect is instant and the radiated heat is not affected by wind or the temperature of the air. It works by heating up anything that falls within the path of the rays and does so very effectively.

These halogen electric patio heaters use the same technology as an infra red sauna and consequently they have very low running costs. Additionally they require nothing more than a mains electricity plug socket for connection to a power supply. This makes them easy to set-up and to pack-away.

Most halogen patio and garden heaters have a light function and they come in power options that range from general domestic use to larger scale commercial applications for functions and at bars and pubs.


How electric patio heaters work

Halogen heaters work by heating the people and objects in their ray’s path and not the surrounding air. This is why they are so efficient and so cheap to run.

They are highly directional, i.e. you must be in their heat path to benefit and most offer a tilt adjustment feature to take advantage of this fact.

Electric heaters can be wall mounted or, more usually, free standing and with or without a table.

Halogen heaters can have one, or several, separate halogen heating element (bulbs) and these may be spaced within a dome like reflector, or housed in a directional wall mounted heat box.

Heater that are permanently fitted in an outdoor environment need to be fully water proofed and hard wired to a mains electric supply.

The size and number of separate halogen heat units in a patio heater will determine the overall heat output, the running costs and the area of space that is heated during operation.

Running costs can be as low as 10 cents (7p) per hour and the larger free standing heaters can radiate heat over several square yards (metres).

Because of their low running costs and use of electricity, many environmentalists consider this form of garden heater to be the greenest.

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