Some Essential Tips for Better Photography

Some Awesome Tips to Take Quality Pictures.

Do you want to be a better photographer?Then You should have an artistic eye and must know these Tips for Better Photography. You can share your view about the world through your photography.As Wikipedia said, “Photography is the science, art, application, and practice of creating durable pictures”. It’s the best way to convey your message to others. Everyone takes photos of the same thing in their own style but it’s up to you that how you make it beautiful and different from others.  I always ask my friends and the photographer that how can I take an awesome quality picture without spending too much money on the camera and the lenses. DSLR become more affordable for everyone in the 1st step of the photography.

In this article, I’ll explore most of the important, beneficial and easy tips to take quality pictures.

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Tips And Tricks

1-  Close to your subject:

Direct eye touch can be as undertaking a photo as it is in real existence. While taking a photo of someone, hold the camera and look at your subject’s eye. As you close enough to your subject, your photograph is good enough. Get close to your subject for getting their facial expressions too.

2- Which background will effect:

Try to use the plane background to your photographs because it makes your subject most prominent. Before taking pictures look the surrounding area of your subject. If anything else takes more attention than to your subject then remove it or change your background. Don’t be hesitate to ask your subject to move another background.But some times you have to accept the background as it is just like in concert photography.

3- Don’t forget to use flash for outdoor:

Most of the people think that flash can be used only in the indoor and the night time. You can use the flash when you capturing your subject on a sunny day because sunlight makes your subject unattractive and an ugly shadow. By using flash, you can fill that ugly shadow and produce an even exposure.But sometimes incorrect use of flash will often take your images just like weird animal photos.

4- Tell the Detail in a photograph:

As I already talk about through photography you are conveying your message to other. The best way to telling the whole story in a photograph or the detail of your subject is to take your picture close, zoom in your subject and make sure the area of your subject is clear. Too much closer make you photo blurry.

5- Best position for your subject:

Now a time to create an interest in your subject. Most of the people take the subject at the middle and it looks boring. So, move your subject from middle and play with your subject for best position. Look your subject by different angle and walking around it. And get you subject to relaxed and smile. A smile is that element which make your click automatically powerful.

6- Lock the focus:

When there are many objects in the background or the colorful background than it may difficult to focus on the subject. As many time we move our subject from center to make our picture more adorable than always keep in mind to focus the subject. Because of some auto-focus camera focus in the center of the photo.

7- Look your camera setting:

Know all about your camera gear. In the dark, how much flash range you may need. The shutter speed, lens, ISO, flash range, zoom in always effect your picture. So before taking picture think about your camera setting. Take a trial picture and have a grip on your camera if your camera shakes you will get a blurry picture.

8- Watch the perfect light:

Light is the most important part of the photography because it directly effects on your subject’s appearance. Don’t be impatient, take much time for setting your subject in front of the light. The best time for a shoot is the early in the morning and the sunset time.




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