Ever Wanted A Black Kitchen Sink?

How many times in your life have you walked into a house that has a black kitchen sink? Probably not very many! For some reason, most people think that a far kitchen sink or a bowl kitchen sink has to be white or silvery. There are very few homeowners who will choose to have a kitchen sink that is another color and even fewer who will choose to have black kitchen sinks. Black sinks can, however, add a marvelous touch of personal style to a room that most people think is not suited for personal decorating touches.

Ever Wanted A Black Kitchen Sink?

If you want to find a perfect balance between traditional and modern, why not choose to purchase country sinks for your home and then paint them black? Black does not have to be used solely on kitchen sinks. Black can be painted into bathroom sinks or utility sinks as well!

The country sink is known for its traditional appeal. Many people choose to purchase a metal or Fireclay country sink because they want their homes to have a traditional and old fashioned look to them. The country sink is usually a single basin that has a higher back and a lower front. It is built lower than a normal sink and is usually the width a double kitchen sink basin that does not have the divider and is usually a quite a bit deeper than a normal sink. Because of the increase in the country sinks depth, the sink is usually installed at a lower height than a normal kitchen sink.

The country sink is usually painted white or not painted at all. This does not mean, of course, that you cannot choose to paint it a different color! For the perfect blend of old and new in your country kitchen sinks, black is the perfect color! Black brings your sink into the modern era while still allowing you to keep to the traditional and old fashioned styles as well. Black lends itself nicely to a Fireclay country sink—especially once the sink starts to age.

Black offers some benefits that you will not get with other kitchen sinks. Black can hide quite a bit more dirt and stain than silver or white (or any other color). Black is also easier to keep clean. If you choose a glossy black paint, your kitchen sink will look clean no matter how much dirt or grime is in it! Stains do not set into black the way they do into white or other colors. And, if your other kitchen appliances are black, why not choose that color for your kitchen sinks? Black can blend in quite nicely!

When it comes to choosing a color for your kitchen sinks, small or large kitchen sinks, black is just one option. Red is another good option as well, but nothing will help give your country sink the modern feel you’re looking for like black will. Black can help even the most old fashioned looking sink style feel contemporary and modern. With so many kitchen appliances being sold in black (ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, etc), why not have a black kitchen sink?

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