Gardening Gift Ideas

More and more homeowners are taking on the task of gardening themselves. You might even know a few that take pride in their gardening experience. A gardening gift ideas can be an easy solution for friends of this stature when the occasion comes around. Purchasing a gardening gift can be as easy as a click of the search engine. The options are almost endless. Whether the gardener is a beginning, novice, or expert gardener, there is a gardening gift for everyone. You can find a gardening gift online or just take a trip to your local nursery, there are always plenty of options open for the shopper.


General plant gifts are always appreciated, while gifts of books can be an easy solution. A live plant as a gift can be an excellent idea. Seeds are another great solution for gardening gifts around the holidays. Giving a live plant during Christmas can give meaning and not take a huge dent out of your wallet. A poinsettia, or even a basic fern can bring you plenty of smiles. You can even go deeper with this idea and give live herb plants, which they can start their own herb garden with. If this is too much there is an endless variety of seedlings on the Internet to choose from. A good flower with plenty of aroma, or a combination of these can work great as a gardening gift on Christmas.

A book is always a great idea. When buying a gardening gift a garden book is a simple solution. For beginner gardeners a good idea is the step-by-step guides to gardening. The step-by-step gardening books give simple illustrated instructions to the basics of gardening. This can include the basics of plants that survive better in sun or shade, cold or hot, humid or dry and so on. They will usually include aspects of plant nutrients, the amount of commitment for a certain plant species and basic soil ingredients. There are expert books out there also but for the beginner, a good gardening book can be a fantastic gift for their new hobby.

If you are not sure if they would like a book, or are not sure which type of book they would like, a good gardening picture calendar is always a safe bet. There are plenty of garden picture calendar to choose from on the Internet. I have had plenty in my day and they make for an easy gardening gift on Christmas. Another possibility is the farmer’s almanac. Both the calendar and the farmer’s almanac can help them keep up with the changing seasons for their plants survival.

Another possibility is the gardening tool corral. Depending on the person there is usually always a tool a gardener needs to add to his collection. A good pair of gardening gloves can be an easy solution. Gardening gloves are usually a disposable item. A gardener that works in the garden often can go through a pair of gloves in a matter of weeks. Even if they are not gardening that often, there is nothing like the feel of a brand new pair of gardening gloves.


For any Christmas or gift-giving holiday, there are always gift certificates as a last resort. This way they can pick what they want where they want. If you know they garden, a gift certificate at their local nursery, home depot or Lowes, are easy solutions.

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If you know somebody that is a gardener, gardening gifts are an easy solution to the Christmas gift problem. Gardening gifts can range from really cheap to excessively expensive, so it can fit anyone’s budget. As I stated earlier a good pair of gardening gloves will always be appreciated. A book can open a beginner gardeners eyes to a whole new array of options, while a live plant can be a heartwarming option on any occasion. Keep gardening gifts in mind the next time you are shopping for the holidays and run out of ideas.

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