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In my opinion every gardeners tool shed should poses a pair of good gardening gloves. The garden glove has been around a long time, and for good reason. Gardening gloves do not just stop your hands from getting dirty, they actually reduce the risk of getting cuts, infections, scratches, blisters, and even nerve damage. Garden gloves are essential for any gardening enthusiast. Gardening are a pain saver and will pay tenfold for their initial purchase cost.


A good garden glove should fit comfortably. They should not be large, heavy or bulky. A good gardening glove should be lightweight, fit snug and be easy to use. The new Garden gloves that are coming out daily have the essential grip, added ventilation, and sometimes even pockets for smaller things you do not want falling out of your pockets. The most important factor is always function. So when you try a pair of gardening gloves on make sure above all that they are not too bulky and you can handle items easily. For a tougher type of job I would suggest a good Cowhide. Cowhide is usually not very expensive and can tackle the tougher jobs If the job does not entail tough thorns than I would suggest cotton back gloves which are not as hot. Though, for the colder days an insulated warm glove can be nice it is a bit bulkier so it does not do so well for the summer heat and smaller jobs.

If you are a rose gardener, a pair of tough garden gloves are essential. Rose gloves have actually come a long way. Rose garden gloves used to be heavy bulky and hot. They have now figured out how to make a material less bulky but still have enough strength to keep thorns out. They are usually 100% tough lightweight suede cloth. Sturdy but breathable to the touch. This helps on the hot summer days. The rose garden gloves also usually have a padded palm for extra protection. Specific gloves for a specific job are nice but not always essential. So if you are going to buy 1 pair of gloves and that’s it, I suggest one that fits snug, not too bulky, but sturdy enough for a heavy job here and there.

One brand names I can think of that I have used are below if you want a reference. I do suggest though you pick the gloves that feel the best for yourself: Garden Works- These are easy to work in and breath nicely. You can look them up.

There are many to choose from so have a look and feel to check for options that fit your budget and your need. I have personally gone through so many I cannot really give a favorite brand. Gardening gloves in my opinion are just an essential part of gardening. Garden gloves save your hands from avoidable pain. Take the next step in your gardening hobby and buy a good pair of garden gloves. As always a good source for questions on gardening gloves is your local garden store.

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