Hydroponics Gardening Revealed

Hydroponics gardening has many benefits in comparison with an outdoor garden. There is little chance of an insect invasion, you can grow plants 24 hours a day, you can keep a desired temperature, the plants can receive extra CO2 if you desire, and they do not take a lot of space.


Hydroponics gardening uses a dirt less method for growing plants. There are many different systems you can use. The most common indoor system of growing hydroponics is the ebb and flow system. The ebb and flow system essentially fills up and drains the tray that the plants are in every few hours in order to keep the roots wet. The water that goes into the tray is contained in a tub underneath the tray. The water is mixed to have the perfect amount of PH and nutrients so the plants get exactly what they need. The controlled nutrients combined with the strong lighting and perfect atmosphere makes for a perfect plant. You can grow amazing vegetables using the hydroponics such as the tomato.


Hydroponics growing does not necessarily have to be done inside. People have outdoor systems with various buckets often filled with lava rock, a tub with the perfect nutrients included in the water and a timer to make the water flow in and out every few hours. There are various options you can use for the growing medium in a hydroponics system. People use items like gravel, lava rock, perlite and sometimes just a rock wool cube

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The one touchy aspect of hydroponics gardening is keeping the correct PH balance in the water. Although, they try to make it easy by having 1 solution to increase the PH and 1 solution to decrease it, you still need to keep your eye on the PH and check the balance every other day or so. They have different tools to check the PH. There are tabs of paper you can stick in the water that turn color. You compare the color given after dipping the paper into the water, with a chart given with the item, you can then tell the correct PH from the chart. Another way is the digital meter. This is what I recommend because it is a lot less of a hassle to check and is more precise than the dipping stick.

There are many different hydroponics systems such as the ebb and flow, the drip system and the Aeroponic system. Most use the same concept and it really comes down to personal preference. The fertilizer you use is very important if you plan to grow any kind of edible product.

If you are planning on growing a vegetable garden using hydroponics, make sure to ask plenty of questions and make sure there are no harmful ingredients in the mix you are buying. This is the most important aspect of having a vegetable hydroponics garden because some solutions are harmful for your health if consumed. They do sell organic solutions which are best for a vegetable garden but the PH is much more volatile and take a little getting used to. So if you have been interested in the past or present give hydroponics gardening a try. Hydroponics gardening can produce some of the best vegetables you have ever laid your eyes on.

Even though there are hundreds of different variations, Wick, Water Culture, Ebb and Flow, Drip, N.F.T., and Aeroponic are the six most basic types of Hydroponics gardening systems. Hydroponics gardening is easy, affordable, and you can have fresh produce, flowers, herbs & spices all year long!

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