Insight into Container Gardening

Container gardening can be the answer for any gardener who does not have a yard to access. If you do not have a section of land to turn into a garden, by using containers for gardening you can turn your deck into your own plot of land. You can even grow your own vegetables without the need of a dirt lot of land. So if you have felt in the past that having your own garden is out of the question, container gardening can be your answer. Your dream can be a reality with container gardening.


Containers can be used for any type of plant. Whether you’re into flowers, greens, or vegetables, containers can be the answer to your prayers. Container’s can be even easier to maintain than regular land garden. The one thing that is very important in the positioning of container gardening plants is the spectrum of the sun. If you’re going to grow a vegetable garden full sun is a necessity. If you do not have full sun than there are varieties of flowers and plants that can meet your needs. Your local nursery is a great source for answers to your questions.

Container gardening plants need the same things that the outdoor plants do. The containers need to have proper draining, soil, and nutrients. There are particular fertilizers for specific varieties of plants. Green leafy vegetables take more nitrogen in there mixture than root vegetables. Although there are general nutrients you can purchase for the general houseplant, fertilizers that are more specific for a certain plant variety will provide a better direct effect on the plants growth. Although it should be duly noted that container plants take slightly less fertilizer than garden plants. You should keep this in mind when preparing the soil.

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Another aspect to consider is temperature. Potted plants need to be at least 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Any lower than this and you need to take precautions such as a greenhouse or warming blankets. If the containers are in the outside on your deck wind is another thing to keep in mind. If possible it is best to bring the plants inside during the night for the colder months out of the year.

Container gardening can take very little money at first but as the plant matures and gets larger the pots will cost a little more. Although when using containers for gardening, it is possible to re-use the pots, therefore the containers are only an initial cost and do not have to be purchased again. When re-using the containers it is wise to thoroughly rinse the pots before using them for another plant.

Watering can vary from plant to plant. If you are growing vegetables tomatoes need to be watered much more often than potatoes. Different varieties of houseplants can also take varying amounts of water. It is best to do a little research or ask your local nursery for the typical amount the particular plants need.

If you do not have a deck to work with do not give up. There are windowsills that are made particularly larger in size. If you change your windows to this particular style you can achieve similar results. Depending on the amount of sun that shines in the windows of your home, vegetables can be grown indoors also. If flowers are what you’re looking for, there are many varieties that grow with even less room than the general house plant can. Perennials and annuals of many types can make for magnificent houseplants. You can replace your glade plug ins with beautiful live flowers in your home. You can turn your apartment, flat, or studio into a beautiful flowering oasis with little effort.

When growing in the fall it is best to bring your plants in at night. Though if this is not plausible there are plant verities than can withstand the frost of the colder nights. My favorite is jasmine. There are many more plants that can work in the cold. If you just do a little research you would be surprised.

If container gardening is something you want to try there are many free resources on the Internet to get all the information you need. Their container plants that you can grow at any time of the year. If you live in an apartment and thought a garden was not available to you, container gardening is the way to go. Give container gardening a try and you will be surprised with the options available to you.

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