How To Organize Your Magazines And Newspapers

I have been subscribing to various magazines as long as I can remember. These magazines have been related to my work or my hobbies. If you have bunch of magazines all over your home (like I did) and you want to organize Home Organization For Busy People E-Book By Greg Payette them, here you can find some tips how to do it.

Get rid of the ones you don’t read first

I kept saving old magazines in my basement and closets and eventually my magazine stacks started to be quite big. So I took a good look at them and threw most of the magazines out. By throwing them out I mean recycling them. This saves the nature and your old magazines can be reused for something else. This same information applies to newspapers too.

Turn them electronic

In some cases it’s possible to turn your magazine or newspaper subscriptions to electronic ones and read them on your computer. This way you don’t have to handle them physically at all. The downside is that you need to start-up your computer to read them, thus the reading experience is not as good as in the paper version. However, electronic subscriptions are very powerful way of decreasing the paper clutter.

Unsubscribe the ones you don’t need

Take a good look at your subscriptions and decide if there is anything you can unsubscribe. At some point I had five different magazine subscriptions and I realized that I never really had time to read them through. So I decided to unsubscribe most of them and I haven’t missed those at all.

Stack them into magazine storage boxes

There might be some magazines or even newspapers that you would like to keep. The easiest way to handle them is to buy magazine storage boxes and put them there. Naturally you could also put a label the boxes by mentioning the name of the magazine and the year range too. That way you can find your magazines easily if you need them.

Have a baskets for daily newspapers and for recycling

Instead of piling stuff on your coffee or kitchen table, you might want to have a basket instead, where you put all your daily magazines and newspapers (that you are going to process later).

For recycling purposes you could also have a separate basket (a bigger one) for all the magazines or papers that have come to your home during the week. What I do is that I empty the smaller basket from the magazines or news papers I have read on daily basis to this bigger one. At the end of the week I take all the papers and magazines in my recycling basket to a nearest recycling point. By this way you prevent those baskets to have reasonable amount of paper in them and the amount of clutter won’t grow too big.


After reading a newspaper or magazine, I put it to a basket that’s in my kitchen. Just before going to bed in evening, I take those magazines and newspapers I have read to a separate basket (in my master closet). I empty that basket on weekly basis and all of that paper there goes to recycling. This is the way that helps me to keep the amount of magazine and newspaper clutter to the minimum. Also, cut down all the subscriptions that you don’t really need. This action alone helped me tremendously when fighting against the newspaper and magazine clutter.

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