Organize Your Workspace

In order to make your workspace more effective, one of the places that you should take care of is your desk. Here are some tips I use to organize my workspace for more enjoyable working environment.

Empty your desk first

Before anything can be organized, you should clean your desk first. Take everything out of your desk and decide what to do with each item. You should have only those items there that are needed to do your work.

Clean it

Now that your desk is clean, it’s easy to clean it. Wipe it with a cloth or something else suitable for cleaning.

Throw all the extra paper to recycling

Recycle as much as possible. You should get rid of all the extra paper you don’t need and just leave the essentials (that you need in your work). Also, try to avoid printing if possible and try to have your documents electronically stored on your computer or online.

Have inboxes for bills and work in progress

You might want to organize your bills or work in progress stuff. However, you should keep that box empty for the most of the time. It’s very easy to stack everything to inbox and eventually the pile keeps growing and growing if you don’t deal with it frequently. Process it often. These inboxes are only for temporary storage!
Desk is for working only

How to Organize Your Workspace

Try to dedicate your desk for working purposes only. This means that if you feel like eating, eat in the kitchen. Also, your desk is not a storage place for something that doesn’t belong in there.

Have a jar for pens

Keep your pens in one place (for example in a jar). Get rid of pens that don’t work.

Organize those cables

Working with your computer means there is lots of cables around. This also means that eventually they can become quite difficult to handle if you don’t pay close attention to them.

First, you could start organizing your cables by figuring out what cable belongs to which device. After doing this you could bundle them together if possible.

Second, you could label them. This makes the identifying process much easier and faster than trying to follow a single cable from socket to your device.

Third, buy multiple sockets. This makes it easy to turn your desk’s electronic devices on and off (providing that it has the on and off switch)

Fourth, go wireless. For example, if you have a classic DSL modem box, switch over to wireless connection. You could also try to switch to cordless keyboard and mouse too.

Keep your notebook available

Remember when I said have a jar for pens? Well, even though we live in the world of computers, pens are still needed. And paper too.

Try to have a small notebook to write down some occasional stuff such as ideas or to-do lists. Those things are much more convenient to write down to a paper than to a text file on your computer (especially if it means you have to switch on your computer).

Remember the lightning

You really shouldn’t be working in a dark where the only light is your computer screen. Turn on your lights. Also, try to have a small lamp on your desktop t0o. It will make your work environment much more enjoyable.


I believe that messier my desk is, more distracted I become. Therefore, I try to keep my desk as clean as possible. Sure, there are times when it gets cluttered, but every time after I have finished working, I try to clean it so that my working environment is in good shape for the next time.

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