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Top 7 Awesome Tips For Writing An Effective Resume

A resume is a vital tool that is used to effectively sell yourself when it comes to applying for a job and trying to get that all important interview. An employer will receive hundreds of resume’s and it is important that yours really stands out among the rest of them. What Is Important In Here? ...

The Truth: 7 Lowest Paying Jobs In America

Low wage jobs have always been common in America but the wages have lain quite low for some time with no real sign of them increasing any time soon. These low paid occupations used to be aimed at the younger generation trying to make their way in the world of work but that has all changed and ...

How To Ace The 5 Most Common Interview Questions

Interviews can be one of the most difficult experiences and each individual puts pressure on themselves to succeed. However, What Makes People Nervous is the Fact they are walking Into the Unknown. Not knowing the individuals who are carrying out the interview is bad enough but having questions ...