Skills and Competencies which are high in demand in job Market

The modern technology demands from every one to either to adapt to technological changes or die professionally. To open his way in the labour market, there is no other choice for a person but to recycle himself in what is already called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an unprecedented transformation that is occurring at a speed of vertigo. In this scenario there are already studies that forecast the new jobs that will be generated, and some even do not exist yet. But talking about the Internet, robotics, artificial intelligence or Big Data also always ignite the alarms for the destruction of jobs that can mean.

However, different experts believe that there is no need to worry, because the technological revolution will not cause great damage to employment, but will force a change in the vast majority of occupations, which will require a redefinition of jobs and business processes. In addition, it will be necessary to acquire new skills and competences.

Precisely it is estimated that between 2013 and 2017 there are 300,000 new jobs in the field of technology and communication. The European Union’s forecasts point in the same direction: by 2020 , 900,000 new jobs will be created, mainly related to technology. It is the quarry where to direct professional expectations, such as robotics or artificial intelligence.

Automation will bring about the creation of new jobs linked to the digital world and new technologies, and what one already knows as a creative economy. The new internet professions create 100,000 new jobs each year. On the other hand, in recent years we have seen the birth of new business models and even start-ups that need that kind of skills for their business. Although the incorporation of machines and robots in the day to day business activities has already affected many jobs and in the coming years we will see that they will cause the disappearance of many others.

Apps developer, positioning specialist, digital communication expert … are some of the new profiles. Web analytics, web positioning specialist, responsible e-Commerce and digital content, developer of Apps, digital marketing manager, Social Media Manager, expert in digital communication … are some of the new profiles that are already being incorporated into essay writing service companies and will be in great demand in the short term.

Among them, Big Data specialist is the most demanded by the companies, according to Spring Professional, Adecco. The professions that are glimpsed have to do with data analytics, with statistics and mathematics. It takes experts to handle the entire volume of Big Data that the cloud accumulates. Any company has large amounts of data from its customers and users and it must know how to take advantage of these data to give better service.

There are many fields to cover. Cyber-security is also a rising sector. Another of the most quoted posts in companies is experts in computer security. Security managers are needed in the cloud, and experts in mobile internet and on the internet of things: system developers; mobile apps; System analysts; experts in 3D printers, robotics and artificial intelligence. Thus, the following are the most demanded profiles of future:

  • Big Data Specialist: This figure analyses and uses the data that companies use as reliable indicators that help to propose corrective measures and transfer business trends;
  • Business Developer of digital company: Professional oriented to a type of consultative sale, to generate diverse alternatives with which to adapt ad hoc the service to the client, with basic technical knowledge to defend their proposals against the competition;
  • Quality and cost assurance engineer: The candidate must be able to correctly apply quality plans, according to ASME, within the construction area and strictly comply with the customer’s quality control;
  • Video engineer: The Companies have new needs to communicate. They need experts for these new ways of transmitting, notifying and participating: internet, mobile technology, radio, video, television and computer networks;
  • Logistics Engineer: Responsible for optimizing the inflow and outflow of the company’s merchandise and the optimization of routes and logistics flows. It elaborates studies of logistic validity;
  • Controller: It is in charge of the internal control of the economic and financial management, elaborates the budgets and analyses their deviations besides realizing the forecast;
  • Area manager: His main objective is to maximize sales through team development and implementation of company policies and procedures;
  • HR Business partner: He is a figure devised by multinational companies, with large structures. Its mission is to help align the needs of the business with the management of Human Resources.



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