Small City Homes vs. Large Villas in Suburbs- Which One Would It Be For You?

Cramped spaces within city are favored by some, while others opt for spacious and luxurious ones on the outskirts. This difference of choices has had the real estate industry in India divided in two parts.

Independent houses in the city heartlands are more common than they were half a decade ago. Sensing the gradual peak in demand of single homes, contractors and builders have recently come up with housing projects that involve building of neighborhoods with array of single-unit homes. As the demand for houses start to gain an upper hand nationwide, more and more of these premises start to come up. This time around, builders are taking an active interest in constructing larger estates in the suburbs where space is abound, unlike in cityscapes.

This new development has presented to the buyers a fresh new conundrum- whether to stay in the city or move to the suburbs. The question is obviously addled with more than one possibility on the sides, the primary ones being choosing between living in a small, modular home or a spacious, luxurious one.

There are already some enteral and compulsive debates on city or suburb among home buyers. Like all other debates, this one has one central point- which of the two offers a better chance for long-term investment.

Let’s bring to your notice all the factors that are worth mentioning when making a case for either.

Homes in Cities Appreciate Way Faster


It is a no-brainer that houses of any sizes in city limits appreciate much faster compared to the ones in the suburbs.

Home owners must know this for a fact that city houses appreciate at a faster rate than those in the suburbs. As of 2016, stats indicate that the growth in values of independent homes in cities have fairly outpaced those in suburbs. So, if you are an investor fishing big-ticket properties, then consider city homes. Suburban homes may ride the price escalation later, they also cost lesser.

Your Pets Will Love It in the Suburbs


If you are a pet lover, considering suburbs is the right choice as city homes are often cramped for them.

Your pets will find suburbs a lot more desirable habitat than city homes. The constant noise and constricted pace can cause quite discomfort for them. Alternately, suburban homes are just the place for them. Large rooms, ample backyard, quiet neighborhoods, continuous pave spaces, and the closer to nature situation suit them just fine. So, if you are a pet person who already owns a pet or plans on having one, then do not dismiss the great power of space.

The Tough Choice between City Life and Suburban Life


Your lifestyle decides where you want to live-city or suburbs.

City dwellers are open to certain privileges that residents of suburbs are not on a daily basis. Depending on how many of these privileges you avail in your everyday life, you must make your choice.

If cocktails and mojitos are an everyday affair and trip to museums is your weekend habit, then you sure are a city person. Alternately, if none of these city liberties appeal to you very much and you’ll refuse them any day over hiking trips and fruit picking, then suburbs is where you should be.

Are Cities the Safest Place to Be?


Stats show cities don’t take precedence over suburbs in terms of crime rate. In fact, they are almost same for both.

Though cities are well-policed and managed than suburbs, there is such a notion as cities are less safe than suburbs. Well, cities may seem scary for someone who has lived in small towns or rural settings for the most part of their life, but they are not so. In fact, the crime rates in both the places are almost even at this point. So, if one is safe, the other is too, and vice versa. In fact, in the recent years, the crime stats in cities have declined perceivably.

Suburbs Pave the Path to a Healthy Lifestyle


Wide spaces, closeness to nature are the best things for retirement.

Suburbs make the best place for retirement. Another type of people who will find a large suburban home a great investment as opposed to space-crunching city homes is those seeking to direct their lifestyles towards a healthier alternative. Suburbs equal green settings, clean air, peaceful ambience, low light pollution, fresh supply of greens and much more. A suburban home is a better place to meditate or even workout than a small city home.

In a nutshell, suburban homes or villas in Bangalore  are a lot airy, spacious and comfortable to live in than the matchbox city homes. But, if you don’t mind a little space crunch a city home is a great place to invest to be in constant touch with the many privileges of the place.


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