5 Ideas for Modern Kitchen Makeover

Very few homeowners have antiquated or poorly working kitchen features anymore. Even in homes that were built centuries ago, the kitchens have been updated to include modern appliances, new cabinetry and updated plumbing and electrical wiring.

This does not mean, of course, that for those who want to have a modern kitchen that there isn’t room for improvement. If you want a modern kitchen that has become popular, take a look to see what many of the famous designers kitchens look like.

What exactly goes into the modern kitchen today? What makes a kitchen modern and not retro? What does modern mean?

When discussed in terms of art movements, modern art took over as impressionism started to wane and it held its ground right up until around the 1970s when contemporary art took over. There are several phases of modern art, but for the most part, the modern contemporary kitchens look sticks to contrasting colors (or sticking to a single color whenever possible), bold colors, simple and sharp decorations and distinctive appliances.

There are two main approaches to the modern kitchen design: a modern art-centric approach and a modern appliance-centric approach. Good modern designers will be able to help you decide which approach you want to take, or whether you might be best served by a combination of the two designs.

Modern Art-Centric Approach

In modern art, clean lines are a key factor. There are not a lot of decorative elements. Instead, simple shapes and bold colors form the basis of the modern kitchen’s design. If you want to incorporate a modern art look when it comes time to modernize the kitchen design in your home, these ideas are key. The modern art approach dictates that the modern kitchen designed is free of decorative touches. Instead, the countertops are clean and free of design elements. Toasters, coffee pots all fit into the color scheme and can blend nicely into the overall look of the modern designer’s plan. Wall hangings and elements like flowers or knick knacks are not usually found in the design of a modern kitchen. Instead it is the clean look that helps the kitchen feel inviting.


Some designer’s kitchens, when the designer is instructed to put together the modern kitchen look, will focus on a single color for almost everything: appliances, cabinetry, furniture, decorations, flooring—everything. It can become overwhelming if you choose the wrong color. If focusing on a single color, most designer’s kitchens will choose white because it is the easiest to contrast with. From here, the decorative touches are most likely to be in bold primary colors—blue stripes on dish towels, red placemats, that kind of thing.

Modern Appliance-Centric Approach

When choosing the modern-appliance approach (a poor term to be sure, but appropriate for this description), the idea behind the modern kitchen design is to have up to the minute appliances and design elements in your kitchen. Your modern designers will seek out the most updated appliances (refrigerators with console computers in their doors that tell you how much time you have before your milk expires) and kitchen tools. These modern kitchen designs will often feature advanced technology: a central console that will tell you how many phone messages you have, charge docks for phones and electronic devices, a stove/oven unit that is controlled by computerized thermometers, etc.

Cabinetry Choices

Kitchen cabinets are usually done in a dark wood while the countertops are usually dark granite. Sometimes the opposite will happen and the countertops will be sandalwood while the cabinetry is white. Look for stark contrast between the two. This is a definite characteristic of the modern kitchen.

Modern Furniture

Finally, in terms of furniture: look for a modern kitchen to feature furniture that is simple and features a prevalence of metal. Boldly painted wooden seats sitting on metal legs is a good example of the modern kitchen stool (and chair). The table might be Formica but will most likely be a wooden top atop a metal base. Many of the new modern kitchen designs go quite heavy on chrome accents.


These modern design kitchen elements are not mutually exclusive. It is quite possible to combine both modern design ideas into a single kitchen, especially when you employ modern designers to help you streamline your design approach. Of course, it is possible to have a modern technology infused kitchen that, on the surface, has a classic country look and possible to have a modern arty looking kitchen with classic appliances.

The major idea behind the modern kitchen design, as any modern designers will tell you, is cleanliness. The modern style kitchen should have clean lines, clean surfaces, clean floors, clean walls, etc. Clutter is the antithesis of the modern design. Instead look for simple features and classic structures.

The most important part of any design, new modern kitchen or classic kitchen, is to choose a design that suits your personal and family style. Some families work well within the modern design. Others like to take a modern technological approach and surround the modernity with classic embellishments and decorations.

The truth is that just about any modern style kitchen can be considered the modern kitchen. Pretty much any kitchen that features running water and electrical/gas appliances is the modern kitchen, whether it is dubbed so by designers kitchen styles or not. This means that, as the owner of a modern kitchen, you have a lot of freedom over your decorating scheme. You can choose the colors, the styles, the furniture and even the appliances that you want.

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