6 Things to Think About When Building a Fire Pit

If you want to know how to build a decorative fire pit, you are not alone. These pits do not just add heat, but they can really add to your landscape design when done right. Here are 6 fire pit construction considerations you have to think about before starting (and how to choose the right option):



Make sure the pit is far away from flammable objects (i.e. trees, dry leaves, the deck, wiring, etc). For most people, the middle of the yard is the best spot because it is farthest from any potential danger.


Burning method

Fire pits can produce heat either through wood burning or gas. The former is by far the most popular, because it is stylish, more natural and it smells a lot better. For most home landscapes, a wood burning fire pit will be a lot better looking than a gas variety.


Pick a shape

I always believe that wood ones are best fire pit ever. Wood fire pits can have any kind of shape you want (i.e. circular, rectangular, square, octagon, etc). The most popular is circular, and for most people this will work the best.



Again, the size is completely up to you. Assuming you have the pit in the middle of the yard (you should for fire safety reasons) space should not be a big issue for most people, so you can make it as big or small as you want.


Above ground vs in-ground

Another consideration is whether to make it above or in-ground. It really just depends on your preferences. If you go with the latter version, make sure you do not dig too deep. Otherwise, cleaning the ashes and dirt out will be a real hassle.



Brick and stone tend to be the best materials to put around the fire pit, and they both add style to it. If you are looking to improve the design, you might want to consider these materials.



If you want to know how to build a natural gas fire pit, you have a number of things to think about. Think about these 6 things before starting, and you will get the right fire pit for your home.

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