Top 5 Sites To Find Government Jobs Online

The U.S. government employs around 2 million people, making it the USAs largest employer.

Federal  jobs are located throughout the country and even overseas, with only 10% of employees based in Washington DC.

Like Most Professions Nowadays, Positions can be Found and Applied for Online.

  1. is the US governments official job portal. It allows you to search through current jobs by keyword, location, or both. As the official site for finding vacancies, it has a comprehensive and up-to-date list of available positions, with applications going directly to the government. This makes it the main go-to site for US federal positions.

  1. is the website of the Office of Personnel Management. This is the sector of the US devoted to employment and talent-seeking. As well as searching for vacant roles with the US government, the website gives you access to a wide range of information about employment.

This includes information for specific categories of jobseekers, such as those with disabilities or veterans, as well as practical points about the employment policies.

  1. is a major website dedicated to public sector job listings. It provides a comprehensive and regularly-updated list of vacancies around the USA. It also has a wealth of useful information about government opportunities. This includes pages devoted to internships and training, as well as a news section.


As well as general employment websites such as, the US government manages websites for the individual departments. This includes, the official website of the Department of Homeland Security. This is the standard destination for those seeking special policing and national security-related positions with the US government.

The Department of Homeland Security hires border patrol officers, FBI special agents, and a variety of other people for roles at all levels. Vacancies and information about careers in Homeland Security can be easily accessed through their website.


Not all US positions are based in the US itself. Careers.State.Gov is the website for the US Governments Department of State. This is the best destination if you are interested in working for the US by representing America abroad.

This opens up opportunities at embassies and other diplomatic sites in more than 165 countries across the globe. If you become a diplomatic officer for the US, you will help provide a service to Americans living or vacationing abroad, working to ensure their safety.

Diplomatic Officers also work to promote peace and enhance Americas relationships with foreign powers around the world. The Department of States website allows you to find out more, search for opportunities, and register for the Foreign Service Test (a prerequisite to represent the US abroad).

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