Top 6 Highest Paying Jobs In America That Will Make You Rich

To earn the best money in America, does not mean that you have to be an actor or a sports star. Hard work and determination can get you into some of the best paid professions in the world. Below are the top highest paying jobs in America.

No. 6 Natural Science Manager

Natural science managers earn on average $114,000 per year. Their role is to oversee the work carried out by scientists.

Natural science managers will usually own their own testing and consulting firms and they are often involved in research and development within pharmaceutical and environmental organizations.

No.5 Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager is number 5 on the list and they earn $117,000 per year. The main role they have is planning co-ordination, research and design and production. Engineering managers understand and work out achievable technical and scientific objectives and they also plan projects. Most Engineering managers will have a bachelor’s degree and will also look to achieve post-graduate degrees.

No.4 Dentist

Dentists are known to have excellent salaries and they earn on average, $145,320. They can go down several routes such as oral surgery, orthodontics or pediatrics although most will become general practitioners.

Dentists who have their own private practice will have a hand in all operations regarding the practice. Whilst two years of college level education will be sufficient most dentists will obtain a bachelor’s degree.

No.3 Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are next on the list and they earn $179,195 per year. Psychiatrists work with patients who have mental disorders and often look to work within a certain area of psychiatry. In order to become a psychiatrist they will have to achieve a bachelor’s degree and attend medical school. Additional training is required and four years is spent as a resident.

No.2 CEO

Next on the list is the CEO. This role is the highest ranking within a company and the average salary here is $217,770 per year. The role of a CEO is one that carries many responsibilities as they are in charge of the day to day running of the company and to ensure that the operation runs smoothly.

The CEO is often answerable to a board of directors or shareholders. To become a CEO requires a lot of hard work and people with many years’ experience behind them will become a CEO, however it is possible to become your own boss and begin your own business.

Naming yourself CEO is all well and good but to become a true one you would have to be in charge of many levels of management. Qualifications are not always expected as there are some very well-known and famous CEO’s who began life on the wrong foot.

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No.1 The Ultimate Medical Profession

This profession, in many people’s opinions deserves to be the highest paid, and this is the medical profession. Whilst the medical profession covers many areas, these roles are surgeons and anesthesiologists.

The average wage here is $251,520. These are professionals who treat people with illnesses and injury and they do a fantastic job. These roles require a very in depth knowledge of their specific area and the ability to deal with pressurized situations.

To become a surgeon or anesthesiologist takes many years of training. Four years in college to obtain a degree followed by four more years in med school will allow them the right to apply for a residency which can last for another three to seven years. The road to becoming a medical professional is long and hard but the rewards are very lucrative.

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