The Truth: 7 Lowest Paying Jobs In America

Low wage jobs have always been common in America but the wages have lain quite low for some time with no real sign of them increasing any time soon.

These low paid occupations used to be aimed at the younger generation trying to make their way in the world of work but that has all changed and there are now more middle aged people in these jobs just working hard to make ends meet.

Below are the Seven lowest Paying Ones in America.

No.7 Farm Workers

Farm workers have the best pay on this list which comes in at $9.51 an hour. The work is hard and the hours are long and the work can be dangerous. A lot of the people who take on these roles are born outside of America, as this is seen as one of the positions that the Americans do not want. The job requires a certain physicality which is why the turnover of numbers are high.

No.6 Movie Theatre Workers

One of the worst paid on this list are those people who work at Movie Theatres. These jobs are currently paying on average $9.43 per hour. Jobs in this industry are expected to increase by twelve per cent in the next ten years so that is encouraging news, however this does not hide the fact that is still one of the worst paid jobs. These positions require very little training.

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No.5 Amusement Park Attendants

Amusement parks as the general public perceive them are full of fun and laughter, however, if you have a position there, you will be pretty unhappy. Amusement park attendants are now earning around $9.35.

When you think of America, you think of Florida and California as the main places for amusement parks, however this wage is the mean average of those two areas. This job offers on the job training and does require the ability to build a great rapport with customers

No.4 Hosts and Hostesses

Hosts and Hostesses are next on this ever decreasing list as they take home $9.23 an hour. These kinds of jobs are in an industry where tipping makes the difference but for some reason this job brings in less money than what a waiter or waitress would earn. They still have to offer a friendly service with a smile and show you where the bathroom is.

No.3 Cashiers

Next on the list, or should I say “Next Please” are cashiers. On average cashiers earn around $9.15 an hour and they can be found all over America. From convenience stores to fast food stores to shopping malls, they really do have a valuable job, however the wage does not reflect this.

Most people who carry out this role are part time and they are offered training on the job. The job does require a particular skill and that skill is the understanding of Math. Unfortunately, but understandably, this position has a high turnover of staff and it is easy to see why.

No.2 Dishwashers

Dishwashers are up next and they take home around $8.81 per hour. Depending on where in America you live you could earn more money doing this job. Florida is the lowest paid whilst Nevada is the highest.

There is no training offered or skill required, but this job is seen as a way to land yourself a job as a waiter in a restaurant or other food outlets.

No.1 Food Preparation Services

The worst paid position in America is in food preparation and servers which includes fast food. The wage here is $8.71 an hour and there are no requirements for education or qualifications and the majority of roles are part time.

The hours are long and it is hard work but the turnover of staff is low and this is now the fourth largest in America.

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