Varmints to Hunt in the Off-season

The season of summer can present a great challenge to your hunting career if you don’t exhibit versatility in your hunting skills. This the season where there are restrictions on hunting some game animals, so you need to always keep yourself on the right side of the law.

I cannot classify the entire season as a dry spell for hunters as there are other preys and predators that you can hunt throughout the year. Also, the summer will present the greatest time to perfect your hunting skill in anticipation of real hunting later in the year. Here are the top varmints that you can pursue without infringing the conservancy laws;


These are the dogs that the law permits you to hunt all the year. It’s perfect to work on a way of reducing the population of coyote because if you let them thrive, your deer population will be at a massive risk. The best way to lure the dogs is with the help of both mechanical and electronic sound devices. If you use the devices well, you’ll find it easy to entice coyotes in your direction.

Enticing coyote is one thing, and shooting them is the next thing, so you need to verse yourself with both skills to succeed. With the help of the best varmint scope on your rifle, you can shoot the dogs even from far away distance. Also, you need a short gun for close shooting.

Nilgai antelopes

If you’re looking for a gruesome and a challenging hunting, then this is the animal you should try to find. They’re natives to Indians, so you’ll find them predominantly in Texas State. The state neither categories the antelopes as domestic species or the game animals. This classification makes it fit to hunt them throughout the year.

These animals are perfect when it comes to running so don’t ever think that you can pursue till you catch them. I found it easy to waylay them at the water holes when they come to drink water. At this point, you can safely shoot from close range as you collect the most delicious game meat you haven’t eaten for decades.

Feral pigs

These wild hogs are classified under non-game animals almost in the entire state game departments. Apart from the fun that hunting of the pigs comes with, there are other reasons to rid them out of your farm. I find the animals invasive, destructive and odd inhabitants of the environment.

It doesn’t need you to be a seasoned hunter to succeed in catching them since I find all other hunting strategies work. You can choose to spot and stalk or simply sit and do a blind hunting. Besides, with the help of your hunting dogs, you can choose to pursue the forgetful hog till you catch it. It’s a hunting experience that seems endless.

Hunting crows

The crows always gather in large flocks known as murders. They’re very intelligent birds that call for skills, decoys and stealthy walking to manage to kill even one. Many hunters despise the hunting of crows because of the myths that surround the edibility of their meat. Personally, I see everything as meat once the feathers or furs are off the flesh.

The crows can be very destructive to your farm, and finding ways of eliminating them can be a big relief to you. The best tactic to employ while hunting these birds is ‘scouting and shooting.’ In a given flock, try to make at least two kills.

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